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Keys Supplied for BMW, Land Rover, Range Rover, Jaguar and Mini

Re-opening Plans – The “New Normal”.

Hope you’re all staying well. From Monday 11 May, I am aiming to reopen at my premises in East Kilbride for essential repairs to customers’ cars on an appointment only basis. Customers’ safety and welfare is my primary concern and, looking forwards to what is clearly going to be the “new normal”, I have created…
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Covid-19 and CoronaVirus Update

In light of the advice given by the Scottish Government, we are currently closed to visitors to our premises, and our next tour scheduled for April is almost certain to be postponed. Locally, I will make exceptions to keep “key workers” on the road, or get them back on the road, and if you’re in…
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Tour Enquiries

Can I ask please, if you’re interested in meeting up on one of our jaunts, could you please complete the form here and I’ll keep in touch and contact you nearer the time with more definite locations and timings? I get some people emailing, some Facebook message me direct, some message the page, then there…
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Apple Car Play and Android Auto via NavTool

Apple Car Play and Android Auto via NavTool As some of you know, I’ve been discussing with NavTool the possibility of supplying these units in the UK. I’ve finally been able to agree prices and shipping charges with them. It’s not been an easy process. The retail price is $549 USD plus shipping. There will…
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Hello again, I hope you’re all still staying well and staying safe.

Hello again, I hope you’re all still staying well and staying safe. Just to update you all on my plans for the next wee while. It’s looking likely that there’ll be no possibility of any overnight trips – unless you’re a No.10 spad, of course – until as late as August, and if you’ve already…
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Mail Order in the Lockdown

With more people taking advantage of lockdown and not using their cars, we are servicing more and more mail order enquiries. In most cases we need the immobiliser module out of the car in order to program your new key and supply it by mail order and I think it’d be helpful to explain the…
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E53 X5 EWS Module Removal

E53 X5 EWS Module Removal The EWS module is basically the immobiliser. On the E53 X5, it is mounted to the right hand side under the steering column. It’s pretty easy to get to. There’s a piece of vertical trim around the bonnet release lever. Pull that away. Then undo the three screws along the…
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E46 EWS Module Removal

E46 EWS module removal. One of the easier ones. Open the cubby box next to the steering wheel. Remove the two screws at the top. Give it a sharp tug and pull the complete box out. Feel inside and up to the right, you’ll feel the module lying horizontally bolted to the top surface from…
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E39 EWS Module Removal.

E39 EWS module removal. It’s under the steering column. Prise off the trim on the right hand side below the cluster. Undo the screws revealed under the trim. Undo the screws above the pedal box securing the cubby box. With a fine knife or very small screwdriver prise off the cover of the screw on…
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Lock advice and Mail Order Services

Remember that if you’re not using your car, now might be a good time for some lock and key preventative maintenance or a new key. Can you get into your car OK if the car battery is flat? Most BMWs and Range Rover L322 driver’s locks are prone to breaking. Make sure your door lock…
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When buying a “new” car, you should always ensure that :-

When buying a “new” car, you should always ensure that :- A. All the keys you have been given work in the car at the time of delivery – not at time of demonstration. Nowadays, with comfort access, keyless entry and the like, that means that you need to have all keys away from the…
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