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Author: Boyd Beattie

Specialist Key Supplier for BMW, Land Rover, Range Rover, Jaguar, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi/VW and all German/"Prestige" Marques

Covid-19 and CoronaVirus Update

In light of the advice given by the Scottish Government, we are currently closed to visitors to our premises, and our next tour scheduled for April is almost certain to be postponed. Locally, I will make exceptions to keep “key workers” on the road, or get them back on the road, and if you’re in…
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UK Tour commencing Monday 3 March 2020

Keys Supplied, Cut and Programmed for All BMW, Land Rover, Range Rover, Jaguar and Mini vehicles. Remember that F Series BMW and post 2015 JLR vehicles that could previously only be done at our premises here in Glasgow can now be done at your premises. My next week long trip covering most, if not all,…
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I did a 2015 XF last week…..

I did a 2015 XF last week. As usual, with 2015 cars, I told the owner that its module would be locked. I did a 2014 RRS the same day. As usual, with 2014 cars, I told the owner that it’d “almost certainly” be locked I did a 2014 L405 the day before. As usual,…
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A couple of our new products are proving very popular.

A couple of our new products are proving very popular. The G Series style remote key fob is suitable for and available for all F series models at £225.00 supplied and programmed with the emergency blade cut too. The Display key is also available for *most* F series at the moment, and I’m assured it’ll…
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Jaguar Land Rover Vehicles 2015 onwards

Post 2015 JLR products have a locked “read only” module which prevents new keys being added. This was in response to the complaints of how simple it was to add new keys – and therefore steal – the 2010 on models. Any 2010 on model which has been in the dealers since 2015 is supposed…
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Logos and Badges

Logos and badges. Most of you like logos and badges on your car stuff. Unfortunately it appears that now Trading Standards, HMRC and the Police like them too, if recent activity is anything to go by. Probably the largest UK key supplier was effectively closed down for a few days a couple of weeks ago…
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General Terms of Business for Keys Supplied, Cut and Programmed

All prices quoted are, unless otherwise stated, based on you bringing the car to our premises or agreed meeting place, and that there is an existing working key. Payment can be by cash, card or bank transfer and, unless, previously agreed is due on completion and successful demonstration of the new key or keys. Receipts…
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The Far South West, Bristol, South Wales, Devon, Cornwall

We’ve a few outstanding enquiries from the far south west and would like to set up a trip there to fulfil these enquiries and reward our customers’ patience. Obviously, Glasgow to Penzance or wherever is a good old trek and we need a few confirmed appointments to make it feasible. If you are in the…
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Tour Enquiries

Can I ask please, if you’re interested in meeting up on one of our jaunts, could you please complete the form here and I’ll keep in touch and contact you nearer the time with more definite locations and timings? I get some people emailing, some Facebook message me direct, some message the page, then there…
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