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Specialist Key Supplier for BMW, Land Rover, Range Rover, Jaguar, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi/VW and all German/"Prestige" Marques

Evening folks.

Evening folks. Hope you’re all well, staying safe and feeling a bit more positive about hopefully getting back to some form of normal, soon. Looking at the Scottish Government’s roadmap out of lockdown, they’re suggesting that UK travel is likely to be “approved” by the 26 April. On that basis, next month, I’m going to…
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Tour Enquiries

Can I ask please, if you’re interested in meeting up on one of our jaunts, could you please complete the form here and I’ll keep in touch and contact you nearer the time with more definite locations and timings? I get some people emailing, some Facebook message me direct, some message the page, then there…
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Mercedes Keys Now Available!

“Ehhrr……. what’s going on here, then?” Yes. Finally, I’m now doing Mercedes keys too. Full service, the same as BMW, JLR and Mini. Spare keys, all keys lost, lockouts, immobiliser, switch, door lock and steering lock repairs. Spare keys for A, B, C, E, S Class, ML, SL, Sprinter too.up until 2016 or so, etc.…
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A New Record Price for one Post 2015 JLR Key at the Dealer! £987!! Save over £700.

When I’m asked to quote to supply a new key for a 2015 onwards Jaguar or Land Rover/Range Rover, I always ask the potential customer if they’ve had a quote from JLR. It softens the quotation blow a bit if they know from their own research what the dealer will charge. I never ask what…
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Explaining Why The Dealer Isn’t Necessarily the Safest Place to go For a New Key. (And it’s not all about cost.)

This E53 X5 was the perfect example of something I’ve previously explained, to the effect that, as your car gets older, the dealer isn’t necessarily the safest place to go for a new key. See here:- https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=482623015544578&id=341597829647098 This non remote key, is aftermarket, and, as far as it goes, perfectly acceptable. It starts the car…
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2021 can do one too!

2021 can do one too! Following Scottish Government guidance and guidelines, car repairs and maintenance are considered to be essential and I’ll be opening as and when required during this period. You are entitled to travel to an essential business that is operating if you have an appointment booked. Key repairs and replacements are essential…
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A wee word of warning.

A wee word of warning. We’ll very rarely be the cheapest quote you get, unless you the only other quote you get is from the dealer. My view is that, not only is it essential that you know how to do the work, but that you know how to fix it when it goes wrong…
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G Series Style “Knife” or “Razor” key now available as a flip key for BMW, Range Rover and Mini

Keys supplied, cut and programmed for all BMW, Land Rover,Range Rover,Jaguar and Mini Vehicles. Now in stock and available. Modern flip key fobs in the style of the BMW G series “knife” key as a replacement for the standard fixed diamond or lollipop type keys. Same price – £95 or two for £145. Price includes…
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Gift Vouchers Now Available for all our Products and Services

A lady contacted me recently asking about a gift voucher for her husband’s Christmas. He wanted a new key for his Range Rover. My card processing software allows a very basic voucher to be issued, so I did that for her and hopefully, he’ll be suitably delighted come Christmas morning. Then today I received an…
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Finally! At long last an upgrade to the slightly dull, “coffin” style BMW key used in E6x/7x/8x/9x models. Unfortunately, they’re only available if you have comfort access – keyless entry and starting, whereby you can open the car without pressing fob buttons and start the car without putting the key in the slot. It was…
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Keys Supplied, Cut and Programmed for all BMW, Land Rover, Range Rover, Jaguar and Mini Vehicles.

Keys Supplied, Cut and Programmed for all BMW, Land Rover, Range Rover, Jaguar and Mini Vehicles. Tour update:- Well, to use the local colloquialism, “That’s the ba’ oan the slates”, as far as travelling is concerned! I had planned to review the situation in relation to forthcoming trips around this time anyway, but with a…
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