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Key Identification and Price List

Specialist Key Supplier for BMW, Land Rover, Range Rover, Jaguar, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi/VW and all German/"Prestige" Marques

NB All Replacement key prices are all based the car being at our premises in East Kilbride and you having an existing working key. Unless otherwise stated, prices are for a complete new key, your existing key will continue to work as it does now.

Prices include supply, blade cutting, immobiliser programming and, where appropriate, remote control programming or synchronising.

This page will help you identify your existing key and price your new key. You can ask for a detailed quotation at the end of this page or by clicking here.

Most keys can be done at your premises at your convenience, but we may need to charge a contribution towards fuel and time. Please ask for a quote.

All keys lost and lockouts are priced individually and depend on make, model, year and location, and whether or not the vehicle is locked. Please ask for a quote.

Good discounts (typically 50%) for a second key for the same car.
Trade discounts for bona fide trade establishments (evidence required) from the second order onwards.



Bladed Early non EWS – E24/28/30 etc. These are the early key where the car has no key based immobiliser. £45.00

EWS E36/38/39/46/53 etc. and Z3, Z4, X3 etc. Diamond remote key. The standard BMW Diamond style remote key – two different types of blade – that has been around for years – from about 1996 (in slightly different form) right up until 2009 in the X3.

Can usually be supplied as an upgraded Flip key. If your key looks like any of these, this is what you want.

NB. The early E60/61/63/64, 5 and 6 series key looks like this Diamond Key but is different internally. They are £15.00 extra

E46, E53, Z4 etc. £100

E36, E38, E39, Z3 etc. £100

Various styles of flip key are available from £110.00

CAS2 or CAS3 “Smart”, “slot in” keys as found E60/61 5 Series and E63/64 6 Series, E90/92/3 three series and E82/83/87 1 Series from around 2005 until about 2009 £120.00

CAS 3+ and the encrypted CAS3++ found in later E9x, E6x, E70 X5, E9x, X1, X6, Z4 etc. from about 2009 onwards, or in earlier cars with upgraded software or recently replaced CAS modules. It is often not possible to tell whether the key is CAS2, CAS3, 3+, or 3++ until the immobiliser module has been read. £135.00

E65 7 Series – unusual key used only in the E65/66 7 Series £100.00

Comfort Access (proximity) versions of CAS3 keys + £40.00

All F Series models CAS4 and FEM/BDC proximity keys. NB These can usually only be done at our premises in East Kilbride or at your premises – I prefer not to do these at service stations and the like. £200.00

Land Rover/Range Rover

L322 Range Rover flip key, stylish aftermarket flip key to replace the deathly dull fixed blade and flip keys on the L322 Range Rover £100.00

L322 Range Rover >2008 smart key, Discovery 4, late model Range Rover Sport, Evoque unlocked modules prior to 2015 – £125.00

Locked modules from 2015 onwards – £285.00

Range Rover Sport and Discovery 3 Flip style key – this is the only style of key available for these vehicles £125.00

Freelander 2 Slot in “Smart” key £125.00


XF pre 2012 slot in key £175.00

XF post 2012 proximity key or XJ/XK proximity key £125.00

S-type and X-type flip style £100.00


R50/52/53Two button remote OE style fixed blade £140.00 Aftermarket flip key £120.00

Three button remote OE style fixed blade £100.00 Aftermarket flip key £100.00

R56 “Flying Saucer” style £135

All keys listed are kept in stock and generally available immediately. If the key you need isn’t listed, please contact us.

Payment by cash, card or bank transfer

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