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A New Record Price for one Post 2015 JLR Key at the Dealer! £987!! Save over £700.

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When I’m asked to quote to supply a new key for a 2015 onwards Jaguar or Land Rover/Range Rover, I always ask the potential customer if they’ve had a quote from JLR.

It softens the quotation blow a bit if they know from their own research what the dealer will charge.

I never ask what they were quoted, just if they’ve asked the question.

It seems to vary, but generally, they quote about £300+ for the module, £200 for the key, £70 for the blade and £100 for an hour’s programming. Plus VAT brings it up towards the £800 mark.

£285 sounds an awful lot better if the customer has already asked JLR themselves, rather than me telling them how ludicrously priced they are. This is for one new key, remember.

Today’s 2016 XF owner had asked Taggarts to quote her as she’s handing the car back in a few weeks.

Module £388
Key £234
Blade £77(!)
Programming £130
VAT £165
A total of £987

A new record! Congratulations Taggarts, Hillington. That’s the highest price I’ve heard quoted for one new, 2015 on, JLR key.

The only redeeming factor is that the person she spoke to told her to, “look on the internet for the guy in East Kilbride.”

Using a genuine key, my £285 was a saving of £702 for exactly the same outcome – arrive with one key, leave with two.

Please get in touch if you want to save up to £700 on a new key for your late model JLR or BMW vehicle.

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