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Apple Car Play and Android Auto via NavTool

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Apple Car Play and Android Auto via NavTool

As some of you know, I’ve been discussing with NavTool the possibility of supplying these units in the UK.

I’ve finally been able to agree prices and shipping charges with them. It’s not been an easy process.

The retail price is $549 USD plus shipping. There will be VAT and import duty added on arrival in the UK. They do sometimes offer voucher discounts on single orders, but will only discuss bulk discounts on the RRP. The upshot is that you *may* very well be lucky and buy it for about the same or a bit less and take your chances with HMRC.

Provided I order in batches of six, I can supply the bare unit for you to fit yourself – it’s pretty easy to be fair – at £475 delivered in the UK, all duty paid etc.

I can supply it fitted at £625 Unfortunately I’d need the car here in Glasgow for a day. Your car must have either the rear aux in or another aux in.

Currently I’m only speaking to them about the 2005-2009 version, but I’m sure the others will be available at similar pricing.

If you are confident you can buy it cheaper direct from NavTool feel free to do so, I accept that there may be circumstances where you *might* be able to do that, but bear in mind that my price is the price delivered to your door in the UK. You’ll get no import duty or VAT bill. I’ve factored that in to my pricing.

Form an orderly socially distanced queue. No shoving.


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