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E53 X5 EWS Module Removal

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E53 X5 EWS Module Removal

The EWS module is basically the immobiliser.

On the E53 X5, it is mounted to the right hand side under the steering column. It’s pretty easy to get to.

There’s a piece of vertical trim around the bonnet release lever. Pull that away. Then undo the three screws along the front of the panel below the steering column.

There’s three along the front and one at the middle back left.

Then along the back there are two twist rivets to twist through 90 degrees and release. That releases the panel.

Disconnect all the electrical connections and pull the panel away. The EWS is screwed vertically to the right hand side panel a few inches above and forward of the bonnet release.

It’s held on by two 8mm screws. Undo the leftmost, forward one fully, then undo the right one a couple of turns. I use a 1/4, Dr ratchet and 100mm extension – you’ll probably need to feel for the screws.

Once you have the left one out, and you’ve undone the right one a bit, just pull the box out and unplug it.

This is what you should have in your paw:-

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