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Hello again, I hope you’re all still staying well and staying safe.

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Hello again, I hope you’re all still staying well and staying safe.

Just to update you all on my plans for the next wee while.

It’s looking likely that there’ll be no possibility of any overnight trips – unless you’re a No.10 spad, of course – until as late as August, and if you’ve already registered for the next trip to your area, you’ll recently have received an email update. I’m as keen as anyone to get back to regular work, but we can only do what we can do.

It looks likely that I’ll need to do at least two trips, the North West, Midlands, and North East, and then the South, South West and South East.

It’s also likely that there will be a fairly short notice period compared to normal – at least we don’t need to worry about holiday disruption this year – so please keep your eye on your email and SMS messages, if you have already registered.

As restrictions are slowly lifted, with jobs backing up all over the country, and in an attempt to clear some of the backlog, I’m thinking I might do single day “outings” to the North West and North East and the North of Scotland.

I’m normally very firm in that I don’t work at the weekend, but as I’ve now had about three months of weekends and there’s no golf anyway, I’m thinking it might suit people better if it was a weekend.

I’d like to try to visit as few locations as possible, so, if it’s possible, I’d like any customers to travel to meet me somewhere central, close to the motorway or to a local service area. I’ll stagger appointments and social distancing and PPE would be used at all times.

I understand that you may well have far more to worry you and far better things to spend your money on just now, but if you’re in Scotland, or the North of England and are interested in our services, but haven’t already registered, can I ask you to do so now please?

As always, no matter where you are, if you want to be advised of my future trips to your area, can you please complete the form and I’ll get you on the list. You’ll automatically be updated and advised once I start planning trips and appointments – this is the only way I can keep everybody together and saves me trawling through messages on all the various platforms.

In the meantime, I’m available by appointment at the workshop in East Kilbride and PPE and social distancing measures are in place for your safety and protection, and my mail order service is always available if you can get by without the car for a day or two, and for relatively local emergencies, I’m able to travel.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Stay safe.

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