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Logos and Badges

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Logos and badges.

Most of you like logos and badges on your car stuff.

Unfortunately it appears that now Trading Standards, HMRC and the Police like them too, if recent activity is anything to go by.

Probably the largest UK key supplier was effectively closed down for a few days a couple of weeks ago when these three agencies raided their premises and took away stock and computers. They are now understandably wary and the others are – equally understandably – much more careful.

One of my main suppliers – they supply all my flip keys – stopped doing badges a while ago.

DHL are refusing to import anything unless there are trademark declarations, and couriers are nolw also requiring trademark compliance declarations.

The final nail in the coffin for me was hearing of a trader at a show selling car mats from a stall who had all his stock taken away. Then they went to his premises and took all of that too.

So, unfortunately, any keys we supply will now be badgeless or will wear the key manufacturers badge or logo. Recently, I’ve been giving customers badges free of charge to fit after they’ve paid, but now I’m not prepared to risk even carrying them.

Sorry, there are plenty of suppliers on eBay and the like and individual badges are pennies, but all responsible suppliers, manufacturers and couriers just aren’t doing it any more and I’m kind of stuck.

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