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Perhaps the Dealer Shouldn’t be Your First Port of Call

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The dealer maybe shouldn’t be your first port of call if you need a new key.

I took a call the other night,

“Can you code a new key supplied by BMW?”
“I don’t think BMW will supply an uncoded blank key and once coded, they can’t normally be rewritten. What’s the problem?”

The gentleman had lost the keys for his ’06 130i and attended at the dealer with his ID, V5 and £170.00. The dealer relieved him of the last mentioned and ordered a new key, which he was told would work out of the box.

A couple of days later, the new key arrived. It didn’t work. It didn’t switch the ignition on, didn’t start the car and didn’t work the central locking.

The dealer wanted a further £130 to “recode” it and needed the the car present which, given where it was parked and the ELV steering lock, would have involved considerable further expense.

I attended, made a key and got his car going in a few minutes, all for £120.00.

Since EWS (the factory immobiliser system) was introduced in the mid 1990s. BMW has written the codes for 10 keys into the immobiliser at the factory when the car was built.

When you go to the dealer for a new key, they create the first recorded unused one using the data from the build records. If you’ve replaced engine, ECU, CAS/EWS module, or even if your car has had a new aftermarket key made, there is a possibility that the BMW data is wrong and your key won’t work.

I always add the new key at the last free position, so that it doesn’t interfere with the factory’s idea of the first free position, but I have seen many aftermarket keys in the early positions, meaning that a new dealer key may not work.

In this case, I think it was just a bad key, the customer was sure that the engine, ECU, etc. had not been changed and the emergency blade opened the door, suggesting that the key info was correct. Trying to use the key displayed the “invalid Key” light on the dash. Only the two original factory keys were showing as used too, so no aftermarket key had caused an issue. He should get his money back.

When we make you a new key, we read the immobiliser data in real time and make the new key based on the actual key data today, not up to 20 odd years ago. Your new key is guaranteed to work and tested is and demonstrated, before you pay.

Please get in touch if you need a key for any BMW or Land Rover/Range Rove, Jaguar or Mini etc.

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