BMW, Land Rover, Range Rover, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Audi, VW, Mini and all German “Prestige” Marques…

What We Do

We are a small business based near Glasgow specialising in high-quality, cost-effective replacement keys for BMW, Land Rover, Range Rover, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Mini vehicles.

We supply spare and replacement keys, and can open your locked vehicle with no damage. We can even supply new keys if you’ve lost yours. We can often repair damaged keys, and fix common faults on most car door locks. We can make your key match your locks or vice versa.

We also repair instrument clusters and immobilisers and can assist if your car won’t start as a result of key or immobiliser problems. Dealer-level diagnostics are also available.


From cluster repairs, mileage correction, module repairs and immobiliser diagnosis and repair, to diagnostic scanning, clearing, coding and data modification.

With full dealer level diagnostics and coding tools for most BMW vehicles and some pretty specialised immobiliser  stuff we can diagnose and repair immobiliser faults, repair  modules and code new or used modules to suit your car – you may even be able to continue to use your existing keys. Diagnostic scans, clearing trouble code, resetting service lights, etc. 

Instrument Cluster (Pixel) repairs on BMW and other instrument clusters, particularly the clusters fitted to BMW E38, E39, E53 and the L322 Range Rover renowned for suffering from pixel degradation. We can code a second hand cluster to suit your car, correcting the mileage and setting the correct details to ensure there are no unwanted warning lights too.

Most cars leave the factory set to default status, but there’s more scope for personalisation than you might think. Let us set your car the way you like, as opposed to the way the factory thinks you like. We can set many options on most BMWs: follow-me-home lights, a soft top to operate on the key, auto locking, daytime running light options and more.